Prospective employees of Wakai Waian Healing are encouraged to review our “working for us” video and familiarise themselves with all aspects of the Wakai Waian Healing website. In addition, the following reflective points are offered for consideration:

  • Much of the work Wakai Waian Healing undertakes, presents as a wonderful opportunity to support healing for vulnerable people. However we are working in a dynamic environment, with complex issues, so at times, this can be a cultural/professional/personal shock.
  • Wakai Waian Healing is progressive in developing and prioritising our commitment to self-care, mentoring, supervision and professional development. This is a culture within the organisation, enhancing our resilience, motivation, and excitement for the future.
  • At times, the work of Wakai Waian Healing employees may be undertaken in some of the more challenging environments and locations.
  • The work can at times be both intense and emotionally overwhelming, however as a team we focus on preparing ourselves for this. Self-reflection and evaluation, however challenging at times, is done in a supportive environment at Wakai Waian Healing.
  • It varies from employee to employee, however undertaking work with Wakai Waian Healing will likely result into a form of connection to people, communities and cultures due to the privilege of being involved in journeys of healing.
  • Wakai Waian Healing staff are expected to perform and conduct themselves professionally and personally at the very highest standard even in the most challenging and complex environments and conditions.
  • It is essential for Wakai Waian Healing staff to be knowledgeable, however strongly encouraged to remember that there is always much more to learn.
  • It is a requirement to regularly promote and encourage collaboration between organisations and communities,  and will often find staff networking amongst peers, within and across communities.
  • Working with Wakai Waian Healing requires an appropriate commitment, however presents an opportunity to apply and extend learning, which for many will be raw, however enriching and fulfilling. This expected commitment and the many learning opportunities translate into unique skill sets.
  • There is a very good chance that Wakai Waian Healing employees will find themselves negotiating, navigating, advocating and mediating between mainstream services, or western ways and cultural/community ways. This is a complex process that requires respect, sometimes caution, but also acknowledgement for the many positive opportunities that can present for change, healing, and positive and productive progress.
  • Wakai Waian Healing staff on may at times work in regional, rural and/or remote locations which requires a specialist skill set and attitude. It is essential to work as a team, and to show innovation with competence. Autonomy, acceptance of accountability and responsibility to self & others is a must.

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