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Recent Update for Wakai Waian Healing

Low Intensity Psychological Therapies (LIPT) Service

Recently Wakai Waian Healing with funding support from the Central Queensland Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network has extended it’s services to the provision of the newly introduced Low Intensity and Psychological Therapy (LIPT) program.

Wakai Wain Healing is now delivering this service across the Rockhampton, Gladstone, Nambour and Central Highlands region.

New referral pathways are now designed to be more accessible.

There are no limitations placed on who can make referrals for support via this service. Wakai Waian Healing can receive referrals from GP’s or from other government, non-government and private providers.

Self-referrals and referrals made by client advocates can also be assessed for service.

All referrals will require the completion of a PHN Mental Health Intake Form – PHNMentalHealthIntake_Community

All referrals can be sent to the Wakai Waian Healing Intake Team via the following;

Fax: 07) 4829 4011
Postal: P.O. Box 4080, Rockhampton, QLD, 4700.
In person: Level 1, 8 Archer St, Tobruk House, Rockhampton

More information on this service can be found here… Rockhampton Service Information

Our Services

As a Specialist Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Psychology & Counselling service, Wakai Waian Healing acknowledges the unique historical context of the current lived experiences of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. As a service that supports healing, we acknowledge and show respect for the inherent cultural strengths that ultimately support the survival, progress & growth of individuals, families & communities. In support of healing, our organisation encourages the promotion of cultural origins, and unity within / across Indigenous peoples.

Wakai Waian Healing respects the uniqueness of individual and collective experiences for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. We accept that “healing,” and how it is achieved, may vary from person to person.  It is our goal to lead and join others to inspire, enable and facilitate Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples, to achieve long lasting positive & productive changes to wellbeing into the future. In support of this, Wakai Waian Healing maintains a strong focus on prevention and early intervention initiatives.

Our organisation offers a variety of services to correct inequalities within the social determinants that impact the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples:

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