Wakai Waian Healing offers direct and focused psychology and counselling servicesWe also collaborate with communities and other organisations to run family and community oriented initiatives for enhanced wellbeing.

In delivering its services Wakai Waian Healing focuses on the following:

  1. The encouragement of holistic healing
  1. Maintaining a strength-based focus
  1. Giving consideration to factors relevant across generations (our children are literally our future, and our elders hold much of our wisdom)
  1. Promotion of the principles of social justice and human rights
  1. Ensuring the centrality of cultural competency and safety
  2. The promotion of individual, family and community safety

For Wakai Waian Healing, our ways of knowing, being and doing are founded upon our principles and ways of working.  As a dynamic, committed & motivated organization, we deliver a range of services, in Government, non-Government, community (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Centres and specialist services), and private settings. We understand the importance of healing for all, and its for this reason we reach out to communities in regional, rural and remote locations to help those at high risk.

As an organization we regularly provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members who may have contact with or involvement with the Child Safety and welfare system, Corrective Services, and the NDIS.

A key aspect of Wakai Waian Healing work is:

  • Developing Partnerships
  • Collaborations
  • Building Relationships
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