Community Capacity Building

Service Capacity and Capability Building

Wakai Waian Healing specialises in the capability and community capacity building of organisations with regards to Mental Health matters and services. Our organisation acknowledges the privilege it has to work within and alongside many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community organisations. This specific service that Wakai Waian Healing offers, understands the complex and sensitive nature of delivering MH/SEWB services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

Wakai Waian Healing is well positioned to provide guidance, recommendations and support with the establishment of processes, procedures and policies, towards the enhancment of MH/SEWB services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Wakai Waian Healing is an organisation that believes in knowledge transfer and sharing what it learns with others in the community, from our reflections and experiences, success’ to lessons learnt from errors. W acknowledge that the service delivery environment is complex and challenging. At Wakai Waian Healing we undertake and strongly encourage the linking and creation of connections between professionals, resources and services.

As part of this service Wakai Waian Healing incorporates a focus on staff professional development, self-care, wellness and resilience. In our experience, these factors promote productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, recruitment, retention and service sustainability. Wakai Waian Healing staff can provide support with program design, facilitation and evaluation.

Healing in the Community

Wakai Waian Healing feels it has a role in community building to support safer families and communities.

Our organisation partners with other local organisations/services to provide free workshops for the community, to help those disadvantaged work towards formal qualifications. Working with communities in the development of local initiatives in a variety of locations with a variety of cultural groups is unique and privileged work

We believe we play a crucial role in supporting and building the capacity of mainstream agencies and services within the region for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

Healing in our Organisation

This aspect lends itself to our workforce development focus. Wakai Waian Healing spends time regularly reflecting where it fits within the bigger and smaller picture of service provision and spending time reflecting on our role and responsibilities.

As an organisation, we frequently ask ourselves, “what is it that we can do to support others in what they need to get done”. Our experiences suggest that on occasion, organisations and services will have a different perspective on issues. However Wakai Waian Healing seeks understanding of this, which on most occasions is helpful in finding a way forward for the those we are serving.

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