Principles and Ways of Working



Honouring the potential created from collaborations while emphasising the importance of participation and inclusiveness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. In matters regarding MH/SEWB issues.


Acknowledging the significance of collectivism within and between, cultures, people and environment.


Honouring the accountability that comes with the privilege of joining others in processes of healing.

Cultural Relevance Honouring the relevance of a cultural view point and acknowledgment of the importance of competence, respect and sensitivity.


Honouring the importance of productive relationships while being respectful to the challenges of difference that exist within and between cultures and people while maintaining a focus on healing of people and place.

Ways of Working

Self reflection and evaluation

Wakai Waian Healing engages in an ongoing process of self-reflection and layered productive evaluation. Acknowledging that growth comes from both success and failure.

Learning as a 2 way process

Wakai Waian Healing promotes growth through a process of 2 way learning. Incorporates the belief that there is learning in both success and failure.

Relationships and Connection

Wakai Waian Healing seeks to establish respectful, genuine and productive relationships and acknowledges the significance of connections with people and place. This incorporates the belief that there is much value in collective sharing between individuals, families, communities and cultures.

Trauma focused

Wakai Waian Healing acknowledges the influence of trauma on the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Healing is viewed as holistic encompassing the cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual and social aspects of knowing and being. Further, it is acknowledged that healing occurs at many levels.

Purpose and Meaning

Wakai Waian Healing harnesses its will for healing by maintaining a focus on purpose and meaning in its considerations and actions.

Sustainability and Resilience

Wakai Waian Healing acknowledges that healing can take time and requires effort, thus seeks sustainability and resilience.

Strengths focus

Acknowledging the resilience of individuals and communities, focusing on existing knowledge, wisdom and capacities, honouring the abilities to learn, grow and heal. Honouring the validity of inherent cultural and human strengths for healing.

Self Determination and Empowerment

Wakai Waian Healing promotes the basic human rights for self determination an empowerment across ages, genders and holistic considerations of healing.

Place Based

Wakai Waian Healing prioritises placing the work within local context of localised needs and strengths.

Flexible and Adaptive

Wakai Waian Healing is responsive, adaptive, and proactive prioritising a proactive prevention focus.
Whole-of Life Wakai Waian Healing acknowledges that an individual exists not in isolation and influences and is influenced by those younger and older and this process exists from birth to death.

Social Justice and Human rights

Optimal health and wellbeing is honoured as a basic human right of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people.

Acknowledging diversity

Honouring and respecting diversity within cultures, locations, people. The goals of healing are diverse. Respecting people in their place of reality. Moving away from a position of judgement.

Professional Enhancement

Development and growth as a professional is enhanced through skill and knowledge development, mentoring, supervision, self care and the facilitation of enhanced resilience, commitment and sustainability.

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