Psychology and Counselling Services

Direct Specialist Service Delivery

Wakai Waian Healing provides direct Psychologist, Counsellor and Mental Health Worker services via a range of flexible and effective delivery methods, which include in-office, outreach (i.e., home visits, chosen community location) or technology facilitated methods (i.e., Teleconference/Videoconference).

These services provide assistance to individuals, families and groups of all ages, suffering from a broad range of problems, including:

Perinatal and Post-natal depression & anxiety
Grief and Loss
Stress and coping
Anger management
Life adjustment difficulties
Health-related distress and adjustment
Chronic disease and health management
Self-esteem issues
Communication and assertiveness challenges
Relationship and family issues (including Family and Domestic Violence matters)
Workplace issues
Suicidal, self-harming at risk behaviours
Addictions and substance misuse (eg substances and gambling)

The Wakai Waian Healing team is well-practiced in a range of specialist, structured interventions using evidence based therapeutic approaches, which are strength focused and trauma informed. The therapeutic approach delivered, acknowledges the principles of cultural relevance and holistic healing and apply a combination of Western Methodologies and Indigenous healing perspectives.


Our Psychologists focus on formal assessment, identification of needs and strengths, analysis & formulation, and the delivery of focused psychological strategies and Psychotherapies. Wakai Waian Healing  Psychologist’s maintain full registration with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), are registered as providers of psychological services under Medicare and are members of the Australian Psychology Society.


Wakai Waian Healing counsellors maintain a minimum equivalent of Diploma level formal qualifications in Counselling. They focus on the assessment and clarification of issues, the identification of options & strategies, and the delivery of talk-based therapies.

Mental Health Workers:

Mental health workers with Wakai Waian Healing maintain a minimum of Certificate IV in Mental health and on many occasions also possess several other formal qualifications and a range of life experience and wisdom. Providing direct support with the delivery of therapeutic interventions, mental health workers enhance the continuity of care and responsiveness of Wakai Waian Healing Services. In addition to providing specialist MH/SEWB services these workers are proposed to provide social and cultural support, including access to traditional healers, promotion of cultural identity.

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