Cherbourg based Psychology and Counselling Service

Following several stakeholder meetings and continued Sorry Business for the community of Cherbourg it had been have identified the need
for additional psychological services that support the mental health and social and emotional wellbeing of the community, specifically the
young people. A strategy was proposed focusing on building the linkages, bringing the community together in a culturally sensitive way to
encourage local ownership and responsibility and to build the capacity of the community to develop a community owned culturally sensitive
plan for action. Wakai Waian Healing is privileged and honoured to have been asked to support this strategy. Wakai Waian Healing would like
to thank the community of Cherbourg for welcoming us to their country and for the opportunity to sit down and yarn about the future while
acknowledging the how the past has brought us to where we are today.

General Service Information

Culturally safe and competent staff will be providing private and confidential Psychologist and Counselling services in Cherbourg. These
services are being deliver in person face-to-face, within private and confidential office spaces, as outreach and home visits, and via
mobile phone and other telehealth services. These sessions will be offered as one-on-one, group and family sessions.

In addition to therapeutic sessions Wakai Waian Healing staff will sit alongside local community members and services to design
initiatives focused on building local capacity to address mental health and social and emotional wellbeing matters. Wakai Waian
Healing is a recovery and healing focused service and acknowledges the many strengths that the Community of Cherbourg has.

Our Staff

All Wakai Waian Healing staff are required to undertake cultural safety training and competency assessments. Wakai Waian Healing services are
provided by qualified, competent safe and respectful staff male and female some who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and some who identify as Non-Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander. More information on our staff can be found here.

Service Outcomes

This service has been designed to achieve the following outcomes;

  • Enhanced referral pathways to accessing support services;
  • Increased community capacity to prevent/respond to social and emotional wellbeing/mental health matters;
  • Increased individual service capacities to prevent/respond to local social and emotional wellbeing/mental health matters and;
  • Increased community satisfaction with services response to social and emotional wellbeing/mental health matters.

Referrals and Accessing This Service

New referral pathways make it easier than before to make a referral to this service. There are no limits on who can make a referral to this service.

Wakai Waian Healing can receive referrals from several sources including, your treating Medical Doctor, any service that might be providing support to you or the community, family members or you can even self refer and contact us yourself.

All referrals will require the completion of the Wakai Waian Healing Referral Form which can be found at the following link.

This can be completed by you, a support person or service or even by sitting down with one of our Wakai Waian Healing staff members.

Completed referral forms can be sent to the below details….

Freecall: 1800 732 850

Fax: 07) 4829 4011

Email:, or


Wakai Waian Healing is committed to providing an effective, responsive, safe, culturally respectful service. If you have any feedback
you wish to provide our service this can be done by contacting us.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Safety

Your contact with us is treated as confidential and we respect your rights to a private, confidential and safe service. Further information on
our Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Management Policies can be requested via the above details.

Further information or Questions

Freecall: 1800 732 850 or Email:

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