Rockhampton Office

Edward Mosby

Psychologist and Founder

Edward was born in the Torres Strait on Waiben (also known as Thursday Island), traditional land and sea’s of the Kaurareg people, however his family connections and home is Masig (also known as Yorke Island), traditional land and sea’s of the Masigalgal people.

After leaving the Torres Strait at a very young age he was raised in and around the township of Taroom (on the Traditional lands of the Yiman people) in South West Queensland and most recently has resided in Central Queensland, specifically Rockhampton on the Traditional lands of the Dharumbal people.

Edward holds full registration as a Generalist Psychologist and is currently the Principal Psychologist and Director of Wakai Waian Healing. He has worked in both State Government Mental Health Services and Indigenous Community based organisations. He is a member of Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA), the Australian Indigenous Psychologist Association (AIPA) and the Australian Psychologist Society (APS).

Julie Mosby

Senior Administration Officer

Julie was born and raised in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, traditional land of the Dharumbal people and acknowledges her family connections and sense of belonging to Masig (also known as Yorke Island), traditional land and sea’s of the Masigalgal people.

Julie completed her senior schooling at Emmaus College and transitioned into a junior position within Queensland Health at the Rockhampton Hospital. From this point Julie sat in many positions over her 22 years with Queensland Health including Accounts Payable Officer, Travel Manager, Payroll Team Leader, Director of Corporate Services and Asset Management Officer within the Financial Services Department. It is through her extensive experiences within Queensland Health that she has obtained valuable knowledge of accounting systems and practices.

Within Wakai Waian Healing Julie is in the Senior Administrative Officer role, where she is responsible for the organisations administration, resourcing and logistical matters at both strategic and operation levels and further maintaining the responsibility for all staff within the organisation within her role.

Julie has plans to study and gain a better knowledge of Accountancy and Business Principles. As a mother Julie acknowledges the cross cultural influences on her life and family and is passionate and genuine about the healing of communities and families.

Chloe Bailey

Executive Assistant

Chloe was born and raised in the Gladstone area on Gooreng Gooreng, Guran, Baili and Bunda country and is a proud Butchulla woman. Chloe is the granddaughter of Late Mr Gil Thomsen.

Chloe has been working in the Business, Administration, and Information Technology field for over 10 years and has completed qualifications in Business, Leadership and Management and Governance. Chloe has been involved in National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and MyAgedCare implementations within a local community organisation, whilst also supporting executive management and leading a team. Chloe has been a part of multiple system developments whilst also having extensive knowledge of quality assurance processes.

Chloe is excited and passionate to be working with Wakai Waian Healing and to have the opportunity to learn more about the different models and practices across the communities. Chloe believes everyone is a leader and to be able to host others you must be able to host yourself first.

Tracey Alexander

Business Development Officer

Tracey is a proud Butchulla woman that now lives on Gooreng Gooreng, Gurang, Baili and Bunda country in Calliope.
Tracey has many years experience in community services from grass roots positions to Chief Executive Officer across a number of sectors including Social Housing, Mental Health, ATODS, Disability, Aged Care. She is very highly regarded within the disability and aged care sector, presenting at state wide gatherings and appointments to Regional and State Councils.  Tracey is passionate about social justice and serves on a number of boards for local not for profits organisations and has developed of a number of social enterprises that provide employment for vulnerable people and assist to change the community perception.
Tracey has been instrumental in leading organisations through the latest two (2) national reforms: National Disability Insurance Scheme and MyAgedCare.
Tracey brings a range of qualifications to support her practical skills in the areas of safety, training, front line management, community services, participatory leadership and counselling. 
Tracey is well respected in the community as a leader within the Disability field and being a finalist it the 2016 Aspiring woman of the year Gladstone awards.

Tracey works on the philosophy that there is a leader in every chair and people are the biggest asset of any business and people will blindly follow a true leader.  Tracey mentors a number of leaders across the state to fine tune their leadership style and in turn provide better service to the people they serve.

Julyess Jarvis

Team Leader

Julyess was born in Rockhampton, Central Queensland and is a descendent of the Kuinmarrburra clan of the Dharumbal Nation traditional owners of the Rockhampton region and also the Yiman people of Taroom.

After gaining his year 12 Certificate at Kirwan State High School (Townsville) in 2014 Julyess returned to Rockhampton to work at a local Indigenous organisation. Julyess specialised working in programs that supported local Foster and Kinship Carers and then progressed to assist those facing Drug and Alcohol Issues. Currently Julyess is the Team Leader of our Rockhampton Mental Health Stepped Care Service.

Julyess has completed the Professional Development Supervision Mentoring and Self-Care (PDSMS) program at Wakai Waian Healing and also his Cert IV in Mental Health. Julyess is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science at Central Queensland University. Julyess has aspirations to further his studies to one day become a specialist Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Psychologist to pursue his passion of enhancing the social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous People.

Leah Munns

Provisional Psychologist

Leah was born and raised in Rockhampton on the traditional country of the Dharumbal people.  Leah’s mothers’ mob is believed to be Kuku Yalanji from Far North Queensland, and her father’s mob are Gunggarri from South West Queensland. After leaving school, Leah worked in a variety of jobs within Rockhampton Indigenous organisations until joining the Queensland Public Service in 1987 and then spent 32 years with the Australian Public Service and retired from this service in September 2021.

In 2020, Leah completed her Bachelor of Psychological Science and in 2021 completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science Honours both with CQ University. Leah’s choice of career was further defined based on her experiences as Community Engagement Officer with Services Australia, working with vulnerable people who have multiple barriers.

Leah believes that aiding and empowering people to better manage their mental health can lead to an improved lifestyle and greater self-esteem and confidence. Leah is looking forward to working with, as well as improving the social and emotional wellbeing for Indigenous Australians. Leah will be completing her psychological internship with Wakai Waian Healing to become a Generalist Psychologist.

Sharni Upton

Consumer and Carer Advocate

Sharni is a Barada and Kabalbara woman whose country is from the Central Queensland region around the Middlemount area, the Goodithulla (Wedge Tail Eagle) is the totem of the Barada people. Sharni grew up on Ghungalu country in Blackwater before moving to Rockhampton.

Sharni completed her high school education at Emmaus College and has since had experience in Business Administration and Community Services specifically working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth.

Sharni is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science at Central Queensland University and is passionate about making a positive contribution to the community; particularly, enhancing the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Danielle Missler

Provisional Psychologist

Danielle acknowledges the Dharumbal Nation traditional custodians of the Rockhampton region in which she works, lives and plays. She also recognises and pays her respects to the Western Australian traditional custodians surrounding her birth town of Kalgoorlie and the Pilbara region where she was raised.

Danielle considers her upbringing in the Western Australian bush a privileged and deeply meaningful experience. Camping in the remote outback from a young age shaped Danielle’s love of space and general interest in human consciousness within the greater universe.

Danielle completed her Bachelor of Psychological Science in 2020 and received First-Class Honours in 2021 with Central Queensland University. Danielle is now completing her psychology internship with Wakai Waian Healing to become a Generalist Psychologist.

Danielle is passionate about understanding the uniqueness of individual mental health while using a holistic and culturally sensitive approach. Other areas of Danielle’s interests include informal caregiver mental health, substance use within Australian society and suicide prevention.  Danielle strives to continuously learn from and positively contribute to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional health and wellbeing..

Kristina House

Compliance and Administration Officer

Kristina was born and raised in Rockhampton, Central Queensland and is a descendant of the traditional landowners of the Rockhampton area, the Dharumbal people. Her totem is the Buderoo (Green Tree Frog) Kristina is the granddaughter of local community elder Ethel Speedy.

Kristina attended Berserker Street State School for her primary education years and graduated from Emmaus College in 2014 with a Certificate II in Business. Kristina has since obtained a Certificate III in Business and Business Administration.

During Kristina’s time at Wakai Waian Healing, she has completed her Certificate IV in Mental Health and the WWH PDSMS Program.

Kristina has a willingness to further her learning while demonstrating empathy, compassion and a professional approach to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in her community.

Cairns Office

Helena David

Provisional Psychologist, Cairns Office

Helena was born on Waibene Thursday Island in the Zenadth Kes, the land of the Kuarareg Kaiwalagal People. She was raised in Cairns on the land of the Gimuy Wallaburra Yidinji, Yirriganydji and Djapukai and acknowledges her family connections and sense of belonging to the Kulkulgal Nation of the Torres Straits.

Helena has been within the community services sector in various roles since 2011 and commenced her foundational training with Act For Kids as an Indigenous Trainee in conjunction with the Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service. Within Wakai Waian Healing, Helena is currently within the Capability Officer position with the Cairns team and is passionate about working with and in support of her community from a traditional and self-determination perspective in addressing service delivery.

Helena has recently completed her dual degree BA Business- BA Psychology.

Thursday Island Team

Shanna Nai

Team Leader/Mental Health Worker
Thursday Island Office

Shanna was born on Thursday Island, North Queensland, she is a proud Gudhamadhi laig, who married into the Risau clan of the Masigilgal people in the Kulkalgal tribe, of the Central Islands. She is also part of the Samsep clan of Ugar am Le, Piadram, Dauareb, Magaram, tribes of Werbadu village of Meriam Mer.  She is also a descendant of the KuKuyalanji tribe of north Queensland, and Girramay tribe of Cardwell.

After finishing school, she started a traineeship at the Thursday Island Hospital.  Then worked at the Star of the Sea Home for the Elderly. Coming back to work for Queensland Health, as a cardiac rehabilitation health worker, rehabilitating clients who experienced a myocardial infarction (heart attack).

Currently Shanna is the Team Leader on Thursday Island, with Wakai Waian Healing. Shanna’s role is to provide management, leadership, and direct support to the Thursday Island WWH SEW/MH team in the delivery of mental health/ social and emotional wellbeing services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Torres Strait Region.

Shanna has completed her certificate IV in Mental Health and the WWH PDSMS program.

Shanna is currently completing her Diploma in Leadership and Management; on completion she would like to further her studies in the mental health field.

Florria Mosby

Administration Officer, Thursday Island Office

Florria was born on the land of Yuggera, Brisbane but raised back home on Waibene, commonly known as Thursday Island. Florria’s home is Masig (Yorke Island). She practices the traditional way of life and understand the many roles within her culture. She grew up learning her Kulkalgal culture (central islands of the Torres Strait). Singing, dancing, traditional practices and the history of her people and understands her family history and extended connections within the Torres Strait.

Florria attended and completed secondary schooling in the land of Yidinjdji, Cairns. She began working in Business and Administration developing her skills within many businesses. After 8 years of living in that location, she decided to return home and continues to further her work experience within Business and Administration. She aims to complete business qualifications as she has other career desires, but aspires to own her own business. She has a passion for fashion and is a huge advocate for fitness & health. With these interests and aspirations she aims to form a career path that can allow her to do it all. Florria is currently studying a Certificate IV in Health Administration

Florria has been active in sharing her fitness journey and passion for fitness, health and wellbeing. Consistently sharing the importance of health and fitness and how it has a huge impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. With a growing passion for fitness & health with her way of living she has humbly inspired many people to better their fitness and health not only with her own people, but to many others in the World.

Although Florria is undertaking a business administrative role with Wakai Waian Healing, with her passions, positive energy and influences she hopes to continue inspiring and helping her people. But most importantly she hopes to encourage and inspire the younger generation of the Torres Strait with their dreams and aspirations as they are our future.

Nambour Team

Kyra Dawbarn

Provisional Psychologist, Nambour

Kyra was born and raised in Toowoomba and has been living on the Sunshine Coast since the end of 2014. Kyra lived abroad in Hong Kong when she was 7-12 years old and this experience has allowed her to appreciate the beauty and diversity of different cultures.

Kyra has always been passionate about health care and worked in the industry since 2001 in various administrative roles. She has completed her Bachelor of Science in 2018 and her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in 2020 through the University of Southern Queensland, as well as a Diploma of Logotherapy in 2019. 

Kyra will be completing her psychological internship with Wakai Waian Healing to become a Generalist Psychologist.

Kyra has a passion for empowering others and is excited for the opportunity of working with her local community to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Jhai Bartley

Provisional Psychologist, Nambour

Jhai was born in Rockhampton,Central Queensland, on the traditional land of the Dharumbal people. Descended from the Yiman people, the traditional custodians of the areas in and around Taroom, South West Queensland. Jhai currently resides in Nambour in South East Queensland, on traditional land of the Gubbi Gubbi peoples.

Jhai has completed a Bachelors of Social Science (Psychology) at the University of the Sunshine Coast and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) allowing for registration as a Provisional Psychologist. Jhai has worked in Disability and Mental Health support, assisting people with daily living and support to improve quality of life. Much of Jhai’s work has primarily been with youths, providing guidance to young peoples as a Therapeutic Youth Worker and Student Engagement Officer. 

Jhai is passionate about seeing people and nature thrive and is pursuing full registration as a General Psychologist. Also pursuing registration with the Australian Indigenous Psychologist Association (AIPA) and the Australian Psychologist Society (APS). Jhai is very excited to expand his knowledge-base and incorporate better practices and models

Key Staffing Partnerships

Troy Holland


Troy Holland has worked as a psychologist for 18 years in Queensland across public, community and independent practice settings. He currently runs a practice named Quiet Place in Strathpine which he understands to be located on the traditional lands of the Turrball, Kabi and Waka peoples.

As a whitefella Australian man of mostly Cornish and Irish descent he sees himself as very privileged to have worked closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, families and communities for over 10 years in Central Queensland. He learned respectful practices and two-way learning journeys are vitally important. He documented aspects of these learnings in the article “Two-way learning as respectful community practice: Knowledge stories of the Men of the Mimosa Creek Healing Centre”.

Troy is also an accredited supervisor for the Psychology Board of Australia and an international faculty member of the Dulwich Centre Foundation. He is strongly influenced by narrative therapy and community work which locates people as the ‘experts of their own lives’ and acknowledges and responds to the effects of historical and current injustices on peoples’ lives.
Troy has a long and valued working and friendship associations with Edward Mosby. Quiet Place is honoured to be invited to collaborate with Wakai Waian Healing in their work on Waiben and with the peoples of the Torres Strait Islands.

Joe Sproats


Joe identifies as an Aboriginal (Ngarigo) and Australian South Sea Islander (Lifou) with Irish and English bloodlines. He was born in Melbourne on Bun Wurrung lands and was raised in a white predominantly Irish Catholic household. Joe moved to Queensland 1979 and has lived here since, mostly residing around Ingham and Yarrabah in North Queensland.

Joe studied both Clinical and Organisational psychology and completed a research Master of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Social Policy and currently is fully registered as a Generalist Psychologist. Joe has held a number of management positions in the early part of his career with organisations in the Commonwealth, State, community and private sectors. In 2009 he established Dreamtime Learning his own full-time consultancy practice in Management, Training and Planning. In addition, in 2014 he established Dreamtime Counselling and Coaching Service to provide specialist Indigenous Counselling to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Australian South Sea Islander people.

Joe has experience in working with First Nations People with a disability, working for Endeavour Foundation for five years in Mackay, and being the first manager of the Disability Service Program in Townsville when the Disability Services Act (1986) was initiated. Joe has held a range of voluntary positions on Boards and Committees within Queensland and has previously been a member of the Queensland Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Joe is an experienced Psychologist who is passionate about the empowerment and healing of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Australian South Sea Islander Peoples.

Honour Board

Mr Gil Thomsen

The Late Mr Gil Thomsen, a proud Butchulla man, had a profound influence on Edward Mosby and the birth and development of Wakai Waian Healing.

Uncle Gils’ legacy will always remain strong at Wakai Waian Healing as we strive to fulfil his dreams and wishes for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be provided with first rate healthcare.

Forever a strong Wook Koo Warrior.

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